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Queen-Kitty Featured By Owner 2 days ago   Photographer
Thank you very much for the watch! I hope you enjoy seeing my new work!
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George-B-Art Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Professional Traditional Artist
Thanks for the +Watch :heart: , i think you will gift the prize if you win the raffle (cuz you don't need it ..). 
Please let in a comment on the Raffle journal who will be the lucky deviant :la:
Ravensaura Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2015  Student Photographer
:la: Thank you for watching!! :love:
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Boukish Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2015
Okay, so now you have a camera. You have a tool to capture the world as you see it, to express yourself artistically. Now you need to figure out how to use it! In that regard, I don't mean figuring out the technical aspects -- that comes with practice. I don't mean figuring out how to bring things into focus, playing with depth of field, color saturation...

I'm talking composition. Introspection. Meaning and purpose. Now that you have the tool and the knowhow to capture what you want to see on film, your journey through photography becomes that of expression ("this makes me feel") rather than dictation ("this is a flower").

Let's look at your most recent piece "Plant". We could pick apart the focus on the subject matter, the choice of bokeh, the cropping, the color pallet (all green)... or, we can analyze its artistic merits. How do the elements of photography add up to convey meaning and truth?

Start paying attention to the subtleties that are present in all visual art. Pay attention to parallel lines (or lack thereof). Notice the stalk of the subject matter leans a bit more to the left than the stalk in the background behind it. Does this mean anything? The fact that it's out-of-center, how does this lend to the piece? The negative space toward the left of the canvas (the sea of darker tones), is this necessary? Does it detract?

Let's look at "Crackers". Was the inclusion of the jar off to the top left of the canvas a necessity? An oversight? Does it add things? It's now part of the piece permanently, how do you feel about that?

I suppose the biggest thing I can point out in your gallery to illustrate the points I'm making here are your two Bee Macro images. Same subject matter entirely, but your decision to move the subject matter from center frame to left-of and the change in blur helps accomplish two very different things. Take the time and really analyze / break down what makes these two images different, and what the two images accomplish because of it.

Now as you move forward in photography, make it a journey less of "taking pictures of pretty things, seeing what looks good later" and try to willfully take pictures in a way that will look good the first time, the way you intend. Be conscious of your decisions and omissions, and that will help guide you on your journey to being a better photographer. That is the best advice I can give you.
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